Profile WebTools Help

The Profile WebTools is a browser based application with features for developing Profile functionality.


User Interface Overview

The Profile WebTools application uses five main tabs visibile at the top of the page: Home, Explore, SQL, Settings and Help. Each tab displays the current Profile Environment.


The current release of Profile WebTools (Version 1.0) has several power features that were not previously available in any other application or tool.

Explore Tab

The Explore tab provides the following features for working with PSL procedures, triggers and batch definitions.

PSL Resources

The PSL Resources area of this tab is an interactive list of PSL resources in the current Profile environment.

  • Use the Resource Type picker to display and chose from Procedures, Triggers or Batch Definitions.
  • Click the Refresh button to view items that recently were added to the Profile environment. (Note: this is not necessary to view items you add)
  • Use the New button to create a new PSL resource based on the Resource Type currently selected.
  • Use the type filter text box to narrow the results in the resource list. (Note: use the tab key or arrow buttons to activate filter)
  • The paging arrows allow you to jump through pages of PSL resources. See the Settings tab for instructions on how to adjust the visible size of the list.
  • The Recent button can be used to quickly access a resource you have recently opened.
  • Click on a resource in the resource list to open it in the code or properties editor.

PSL Reference

The PSL Reference area of this tab is a static list of PSL Classes, Methods and properties available in the latest version of the Profile Framework.

Code Editor

The Code tab within the Explore tab is a fully functional PSL editor. Use the Code tab to view or edit PSL code in new and existing PSL Resources. Buttons within the Code tab can be used to toggle color coding and line numbers.

Other PSL Code editor features:

  • PSL is color coded for basic language syntax and keywords.
  • Auto-complete is enabled for closing certain characters - Braces, brackets, double quotes...
  • The tab key can be used only in color coding mode. In text mode, a tab will jump your cursor out of the code editor.


The Properties tab of the Code editor provides UI for setting and updating properties of Procedures, Triggers and Batch Definitions.

Resource Buttons

Several buttons are available in the Explore tab for operations on the currently open resource .

  • Run - Runs the Procedure in the code editor; Results are displayed in the console. See [Running PSL in Profile WebTools] for more details.
  • Test Compile - Compiles the active procedure and displays the results in the Console.
  • Save - Saves the current modification of the source editor;. A confirmation window opens to verify the action before saving.
  • Delete - Deletes the resource currently open in th code editor. A confirmation window opens to verify the action before deleting the resource.


The Console on the Explore tab displays the results of the most recent action.


The SQL Tab provides features for writing and running SQL SELECT statements, and viewing the results.


Enter a valid SQL Select statement in the Editor and click the Run button. See Interactive SQL for more information on this feature.


The Console in the SQL tab provides a rich and interactive display for the results of the SQL SELECT statements you run. Clicking on a cell in the Console will display a pop-up with details for that record.

Settings Tab

On the Settings tab, select the Profile environment you wish to use in the application. You must click the Save Settings button to update the connection. You can also set the number of items displayed in the PSL Resources list on the Explore tab.


Enter a valid SQL Select statement in the Editor and click the run button. See [Interactive SQL] for more information on this feature.


  • Profile WebTools Help - Answers to general help questions using Profile WebTools (links to this page)
  • PSL Programmer's Guide - A complete reference for the PSL Language and the API
  • SQL Help - Learn how to use the extended SQL syntax to enrich your results
  • Profile Programming Standards - Detailed standards for developing in Profile


For Business Analysts

  • Interactive SQL

For Developers

  • Explore PSL
  • Interactive SQL

For Administrators

  • Manage Profile WebTools users